Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rumpkinz Cloth Diapers (review)

One of the awesome prizes in the (Un)baby shower event was a Rumpkinz Cloth Diaper. Rumpkinz diapers are made by a work at home mom, so you know lots of care was put into the making of these cute diapers! We were sent an AI2 to try out, and since we got it before I had Squiggle, I tested it out on Bobble. He didn't mind the flowery diaper, though hubby gave me a funny look when he saw it on our little man!

Perhaps you can see why? *laughs*

This diaper featured a cute floral print on the back side and a soft minky material on the front. Very cute (for a little girl)! Rumpkinz does custom diapers and custom embroidery, too, so the possibilities of cuteness are endless!

I tested this diaper as much as I could with Bobble, and it held up to his (ploppable) poos as well as his messy ones (illness). Nothing got out! I didn't have any leaks with this diaper at all, but it was a different story with my husband. He said the diaper was cute, but said it leaks horribly. I went to change Bobble and he was, indeed, soaked.... but the insert was also sticking out a bit between his legs and I guarantee you that cute flowery fabric wicked away as much moisture as it could! Since I had used it many times with no leaks, I'm going to chalk that up to user error. In fairness to hubby, he hasn't really used many diapers where there is an insert on top that you have to make sure is tucked in. Perhaps I should have pointed that out to him when I was changing Bobble, but I know he won't ever put the flowery diaper on him unless it's last in the rotation, so I don't have much to worry about!

Since this is a one-size diaper, I tried it on Squiggle after she was born. I believe she was roughly 10 lbs when I tried it on her. She had a visible gaping at the legs, so I took it right back off her as that would just be asking for a mess! I tried it again around 12 lbs and had the same issue, but I have yet to try it on her now (roughly 16 lbs). I do believe that is actually due to how she is packing on the weight, though. These look like they should work easily with a 12 lb child. I had absolutely no fit issues with Bobble.

All in all, I would say this diaper is a good diaper and the cuteness factor totally makes this diaper! Rumpkinz diapers are obviously a good quality (you can just tell from holding them), and work very nicely! You can also get mama cloth, pocket diapers, or cloth trainers in addition to the AI2s. Check out their store to see more!

Disclosure: I receive sample(s) for the purpose of testing and review. These opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

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