Sunday, January 27, 2013

What we've been up to

I thought I'd take these few quiet minutes while Bobble is sleeping (and inevitably getting ready to wake up since I started this post, right?) to let you all into my world a little bit. I know I haven't done a "what's happening" sort of entry in a while, so here's what's going on in our neck of the woods!

Bobble was moved from the younger group of children in his Montessori Toddler Program to the older group of children. They are still in the same room with the same teachers, but the activities are slightly different. They made this move a bit before the holidays because they noticed him imitating the older children more, and just showing more interest in them in general. Since moving to that group, he has started (verbally) speaking a bit more (remember, he signs) and listens every bit as well as the older children in the program.

This was great news for me, as I'm slightly concerned about his (verbal) speech. I don't think my child has a learning disability, and I can tell he's very smart.... but he's simply not saying much and I guess I really can't wait for him to start verbally speaking more. Yes, I know, I know. "Once they start talking, you won't get them to shut up!" I've heard that a million times. I try not to compare him to other children, but there are boatloads of other children who speak before age 2. He turned 2 this past week, and I don't think he (verbally) says 20 words. He understands beautifully. He can follow complex directions easily. He definitely has no issue knowing what we're saying.... he just doesn't say it himself. Our pediatrician isn't worried since he knows well over 120 signs and obviously knows the meanings of words since he can do multi-part tasks, but I'm just sitting here knowing that I spoke (phrases) at 10 months, and seeing people commenting on their children speaking (before one).... and then seeing them post things on social networking pages like their son "said he wanted *name* for his birthday." ....that child was just a couple days under two, but was asking for his younger sister (at that point, due any day) by her name. That is what he wanted as a present.

Slight bit of jealousy there, I suppose. I know Bobble will get there, but boy would it be nice if that happened sooner than later. Especially when it comes to him needing to interact with teachers at school!

On the Squiggle front, I'm 17w4d pregnant with Squiggle. I've been a bit down about the pregnancy, too. I kept thinking that the second time around I'd feel movement sooner. Granted, I think I've felt movement that was baby-related.... but nothing so obvious that I can't brush it off as potentially something else. It would have helped if I hadn't gotten that horrid stomach bug (last week? the week before? I don't remember!) that caused all sorts of gurglies in my stomach around the same time I started feeling movement. Now my brain just doesn't want to believe it's baby, I guess.

On a positive note, we loved the midwife we went to see a few weeks back. I'm so relieved to finally have a person we are comfortable with... that really helps put my mind at ease for a few things down the road!

We have our anomaly scan for Squiggle scheduled for Monday, the 11th of February. Yes, I will be finding out the gender if they cooperate. I'm more concerned with making sure everything is okay with Squiggle, though. Hopefully everything turns out fantastic, and maybe they won't be shy, either! I'm still betting on Squiggle being a girl. I've felt Squiggle was a girl since I realized we might end up getting pregnant that cycle (so before a positive test, even!). There have been a few differences with the pregnancy, too. For starters, I've had lots of morning sickness. With Bobble, I could just eat something with carbs every hour or two and I was good. Yeah... totally didn't work this time around.

Also, I didn't have any weird cravings with Bobble. Sure, I wanted steak.... but when don't I? The biggest thing with Bobble was the huge food aversion to grilled chicken (just the taste, not the smell), and the huge food aversion to fast food. (At that point in time, I wasn't completely aware as to how fast food meat was really.... well, made, I guess. I don't eat fast food now.) With Squiggle, I've had random cravings for..... fast food. Thank goodness if I give in to it, it sounds repulsive if I think about it after... which is good because that stuff IS repulsive! So far it's only happened twice, and two completely different types of fast food. I still hate the fact I even ate it, though. Squiggle won't let me really eat chicken at all (which is my favorite meat!), and the SMELL of it is gross to me. I have craved jalapeno poppers, though. I'm not a spicy food sort of person, but I've been wanting these a lot lately. I think I'm going to start getting my own peppers, halving them, and putting cream cheese in the middle and just baking them. I find the breading gross, and the fact they are processed means they have to have gross stuff in them. I'll try my own and see how it works out. I really just want the pepper and cheese, anyway.

Lastly, the heart rate. Bobble's heart rate was in the 170s a lot, and later in the 160s. I believe Squiggle's heart rate at the last appointment was in the upper 140s. I know that the heart rate doesn't actually tell you what the child will be.... but if nothing else, I'm hoping that means that Squiggle will be a more lax child. I could really use a break! *laughs*

Hubby started classes back up two weeks ago. He's been very busy trying to stay on top of school work already. Heck, he has an exam this week! It sure moves quickly... that's one thing I don't miss about school!

So, that's about it as far as home life goes. We at least all seem to be healthy for the time being... I'm sure you noticed that by all the posts lately. Slowly but surely, I'm catching up!

Speaking of posts... you'll want to keep your eye out for a big announcement in a couple of weeks. It's something you're not going to want to miss!


  1. I'm totally behind the times - I didn't realize you were expecting! Congratulations - looking forward to hearing if Squiggle is a girl :)

    1. Thank you! I will hopefully find out next monday! :)

  2. I craved steak (and meat in general) when I was pregnant with my son as well! That's funny - I wonder if it's a boy thing?