Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Can't Stay Healthy

*** Fair warning, this entry mentions bodily functions! ***

This must be one rotten year for bugs, because we can't stay healthy for anything! It's been one thing after another for MONTHS now.... with the occasional healthy week or two thrown in. Right now sees Bobble with the runs (although it's not every hour anymore, it's a couple of times a day... but still massive and looking like EBF poo!), and me with what I suspect to be rotovirus.

I thought it was just pregnancy-related, yesterday. I felt blah at work, but felt GREAT after a visit to the bathroom to expel any and all food I had eaten. Seriously, I felt 100%. That meant morning sickness, right? Well, lunch came and went, and I ate and saw that 30 minutes later, if that.

My boss suggested I go home, and I insisted I was fine. He said I wasn't being too productive if I couldn't stay at my desk long enough to work, and so I finally gave in and went home.

I've never been so thankful for something in my life.

I got home and it just went progressively down hill. I started vomiting up water. Then, when I gave up on drinks at all, bile. Uh, gross? So I started thinking this was a bug.... but that was made obvious when I ended up with it coming out both ends.

I was up every 30 minutes to an hour last night to make bathroom trips. Today has been much better, though I still ache all over. I have had two or three nibbles of toast, a couple bites of organic, plain applesauce, and held down a bottle and a 1/3 of water. That's massive improvement. My midwife suggested the "BRAT" diet... bananas, rice, apples, and toast. She said those were the easiest to digest. I figured the organic applesauce would work just fine, especially since it was already mushy! Glad I still had some Earth's Best applesauce on hand from my last review!

I am just more concerned about Squiggle than anything.... how would this illness treat my baby inside of me? Perhaps I was mostly concerned after I started having painful cramps in my stomach (actual stomach, not abdomen)... I just started worrying that something would happen to Squiggle.

Squiggle's been through a lot... a lot more than Bobble ever had. Bobble saw one cold while I carried him, and that was it. Squiggle, however, was conceived while I had a cold, has seen the flu, hand-foot-mouth, a cold, and now this. Apparently, HFM is somewhat of a concern if contracted during pregnancy.... like chickenpox would be, only nowhere near as severe. That makes me a little bit paranoid. I hope everything is okay. I hope I get well enough to drink plenty of fluids and be able to move without pain (all my joints hurt)..... and I definitely hope that Bobble avoids this. Perhaps he had a more mild version of this and that's why he didn't vomit a bunch. I'll take it.... at least mom knows how to make it to a toilet or a bucket, right?

What did you do when you were sick while pregnant, while caring for a toddler, or both? Any tips?


  1. I feel for you! Being sick while pregnant is THE WORST. Hoping you feel better soon...:(
    Visiting from the Mommy Brain Mixer and hang in there!

  2. Gosh, I sure hope you're feeling better soon. I've had a cold for 2 weeks that I just can't get rid of. Yours sounds much worse, but any sickness really is the pits. Thanks for taking the time to join us at the Mommy-Brain Mixer this week.

  3. I think about this a lot - what will I do if I get sick with two kids? My husband says he would stay home from work to help with our son if I get sick, but I don't think I could always expect him to do that. Luckily, I very, very rarely get sick. Hope your pregnancy is going well (if you're still pregnant).