Friday, January 18, 2013

Earth's Best Blogger - Part 2!

I'm back for another handful of months as an Earth's Best blogger! I, personally, am a huge fan of Earth's Best products not only because my son loves them, but because they are good for my son (and the environment)! Just check out the Earth's Best Quality Promise and read for yourself!

Earth’s Best Quality Promise
Earth's Best produces food with the highest degree of attention to quality and safety. Each ingredient is tested for pesticides and potentially harmful residues. No product is released until our quality assurance department approves laboratory results, ensuring we meet the strict standards for organic certification.

If you're unfamiliar with the Earth's Best brand and their products, here are a few tidbits to help introduce you!

  • For especially discerning moms concerned about baby’s growth and development, Earth's Best Organic ® provides “better for baby”  products with the purest ingredients, so parents may nurture their baby with the utmost confidence.
  • Earth’s Best is the only organic brand with both jars and pouches
  • Over the years Earth's Best has grown to offer more than 100 products including organic infant formula, organic infant and toddler foods, baby care products including chlorine free diapers and wipes and a line of all-natural cleaning products. Our unwavering commitment to purity, backed by 25 years of experience, helps Earth’s Best parents nurture their babies in a way that offers peace of mind.
  • Parents can learn more about available products, the organic and natural difference, nutrition, feeding information and more at or through the Earth’s Best Facebookpage and Twitter handle: @EarthsBest.
(and, my favorite one...)
  • Earth’s Best Bloggers will have the ability to provide readers with news of the newest all-natural products, fantastic giveaways, information from Earth’s Best nutrition and health experts and
    opportunities to participate in meaningful conversations about raising children in the purest of ways.
So I look forward to another handful of months where I can introduce you, my readers, to new fantastic products, remind you of some you may have forgotten about, and provide you with nutritional info, reviews, and giveaways!

To kick things off, you can enter to win an Earth’s Best Welcome pack- assortment of Earth’s Best products! I don't know exactly what will be included, but hey, that's part of the fun! Thanks for reading, and good luck!


  1. What a great giveaway for little ones. Mine are past this stage :(

    Julie @ Naptime Review

  2. Once I have kids I want to try all the products but the baby juice sounds wonderful since all the juices on the market are so full of sugar and high fructose corn syrup and other additives!


  3. I love that I don't have to worry about unnatural ingredients in their products. And that there is a good variety to grow with! My little one would love the puffs and my older would love their applesauce :)

  4. I never thought I'd be into "baby junkfood" but when we traveled recently, I was really happy to have Earth's Best toddler snack bars to make sure my son had nutritious snacks as we dragged him all around!

  5. My daughter loves their Pear Carrot Apricot Infant Puree Pouches.