Friday, September 7, 2012


I hate being unable to write much, but it's been the norm the last week or so. Unfortunately for me, not only has Bobble started cutting his two upper canines, but he had a bug last weekend, seems to be getting a cold now, and also decided to break my wireless router. This means I have very limited use of the internet at this point in time. My husband is back in classes and he needs to be using his computer for those, so I understand. He is on his way back from class now, Bobble is sleeping, so I'm letting you know where I disappeared to!

I also wanted to let you know of a couple of blog topics I am going to be writing about in the near future:

  • Baltic Amber
  • Maternity Clothes (Get the most out of your money!)
  • Healthy (/healthier) food ideas for your little one
  • Using Covers (with prefolds/flats)
  • Stuffing Pocket Diapers (quickly, even when the PUL is sticky!)
  • Halloween
  • Our Experience With Cloth at Childcare
If you have any other topics you would like to see covered, or simply have something you want me to  simply talk about, let me know! I always read all comments left.


  1. Look forward to your posts :)

  2. looking forward to seeing your posts! I can't believe we can talk about doing a halloween posts its already that soon

  3. I'm looking forward to these posts. I really enjoy your blog.

    1. Thank you! Now if only Bobble would stop skipping naps so I could write....