Friday, August 31, 2012

I Knew I Needed Them!

** This entry talks about poop. You've been warned. **

I have over 50 diapers for my little Bobble-head, and my husband has long since put me on a diaper-buying freeze. Most of my diapers are pockets, though I do have a couple AIOs, 1 fitted (never used, it's a NB size), some flats and some prefolds. I mostly have pockets and I LOVE them! Hubby always said we have too many, and always wondered why I wanted more. I guess he doesn't understand that they are exciting. They are fun. They are just full of awesomeness! Okay, they aren't usually "full" of awesomeness, they are usually full of something else.... but I digress.

Today is the day I am thankful I have the abundance of diapers that I do. See, I always figured we'd end up with two children in diapers. Right about now, I planned on having my second child (which is not even close to happening yet), so I thought this was a great amount to get me by washing every other day for two children. I didn't anticipate having my children "far apart" (read: more than 2 years apart), so I actually needed this many diapers when I was buying them. Okay, so I technically stopped around 35 or so. I started winning a few, I would get free diapers with coupon codes from the lovely ladies working at Kelly's Closet.... and when I'd forget about the coupon codes,'s facebook page would always seem to know and it would be the top thing in my feed shouting "BUY MORE DIAPERS!". Well, it couldn't shout.... but you get the point. I would look at it and think that spending $39 and getting a free diaper was brilliant! There are ways around diaper-buying freezes, of course. My favorite? Stocking up on laundry detergent!

(The above was my stash this past January. Most of my diapers were in there, but I have more now, and I can also see immediately certain ones were missing, so I must of have diapers in the pail/wash.)

So here we are, a holiday weekend, and we're planning on heading away to see family. It's not that horribly long of a trip, but it is still 4 hours, and it is still where I cannot do diaper laundry. Last night was miserable. Bobble woke up every 30-45 minutes sobbing. He's been cutting his upper canines for the last week, and I thought that was why he'd been so upset lately. Granted, that is likely the initial culprit, but something's just not right. He doesn't sob like that from teething. I'm not a medicine person, but I even gave him a partial dosage of children's tylenol because I felt like he was in such pain.... but from what?

Each time he woke up, he would flop around, toss around, latch on and then break latch because he didn't actually want milk.... he was miserable. Sometimes he'd let out a loud fart, then fall back asleep. I knew this wasn't going to bode well for our travels. How many of you EBF your child? If you have, you will understand what I am going to say next. The mess in the diaper was something I haven't seen since he was a very young infant. It was yellow, it had hardly any texture to it (save two tiny little clumps), and it STUNK. That's what got me. Last time I saw poop like this, it did not smell. Ah, the joys of breastfed babies [*I do know what formula-fed poo smells like as my siblings were 9 and 12 years younger than me and had formula. That stuff smells horrid!*] .... it smells like.... well, not this. This was awful.

I changed him and he was a bit happier. Okay.... happier, but still obviously miserable. I let him nurse, and called the doctor's office to try and get an appointment. He had been eating miserably for the last 2-3 days, he had been SUPER fussy [as in hitting away anything he normally loves like his favorite stuffed animals, my cat, my husband.... anything that wasn't me], and now this. A while later he messed two more diapers within half an hour. They were not just yellow, they were LIQUID. Literally nothing but liquid to them. The doctor's office got me in for 1:45. We were going to leave at 1, but we pushed back the leaving time. I didn't want to travel 4 hours with a baby with diarrhea!

At 1pm, I jumped in the shower. Bobble was napping (THANK GOODNESS!) and I was ready for a bit of a break from everything. While I was in the shower, the doctor's office called (hubby answered). Apparently there was a family emergency, and the doctor left. Any appointments for the rest of the day (which included ours) were canceled. Bobble messed two more diapers, and I decided our holiday traveling was not happening. The one time we were in the car today, Bobble messed a diaper. It was a double-stuffed diaper, as it was the one he had on when he napped, and when I went to change him it was down his leg. My husband made the comment that we should buy disposables to hold this stuff in.


No, really. He said that. Maybe you don't cloth diaper, so you might not understand my disbelief in that comment. Maybe you only cloth diapered, so you, again, don't understand where I'm really coming from. We cloth diapered from 7 weeks because we couldn't afford our stash when Bobble came a month early. We used up the disposables from our baby shower and made our switch over. That being said, we had blow outs. He quickly seems to have forgotten the fact that we had poo-splosions with our disposables soooo easily! They streak up the back of baby, the leg blowout.... they were horrible. Disposables do not hold poo in as easily as the cloth! In fact, this is time #2 that we've ever had poop come out of a cloth diaper.... and I really don't think this one was the diaper's fault! Bobble was in the carseat, and the way he decided to situate himself pushed the diaper around a wee bit which caused a small gap. The inside of the diaper actually wasn't horrible. Messy? Yes. Filled? Nowhere near. It was obviously the way Bobble was sitting.

Actually, the first time we had a poo escape from cloth Bobble hadn't gone potty in 13 days. Yes. THIRTEEN. Plenty of wet diapers, EBF, and no discomfort, so doctor wasn't worried. When he did go, boy did he ever go! That FuzziBunz OS diaper actually held EVERY BIT OF THAT MESS in.... until hubby picked him up. He picked him up and held him up against his chest, pushing on the diaper. That, in turn, made stuff drip out onto hubby! Hmm, now that I think of it, both times we had poop escape, it was not the diaper's fault! (Though I would love if all diapers had that lovely double-gusset in the legs!)

So yeah. Hubby seems to have been trying to push buttons or something. It's amazing how quickly they forget things when they think their idea is awesome. If he remembered the poo-splosions of s'posies, he wouldn't have suggested buying any. Since it was his idea to suggest disposables for right now, of course it was convenient not to remember the hassles they really caused with this sort of poop!

I'm sorry, that was an awful lot of poop talk. It has been what my day was centered around, so it was bound to happen.

Anyway, the teething masked what else was happening. The teething fever broke Sunday or Monday night, but Bobble started not eating well Tuesday or Wednesday. He ended up with a small fever last night (very low-grade fever), and then just not happy at all. Had he not been teething, I would have been concerned right away, as this is very uncharacteristic of him. Unfortunately, now I have a weekend where I can be concerned because my appointment fell through. They do have Saturday hours (8-noon), but they don't know if the doctor will be back since there was that emergency. I'm thinking that maybe he has a bacterial issue from something he ate. His poor penis is super red right now (likely from all the poop that keeps ending up there), and I'm sure he's more than sick of dealing with pooping. I'll be honest, I am sick of dealing with poop!

Now it's 9pm and Bobble is sleeping (for now -- he just coughed). I've changed no less than EIGHT poopy diapers today, and my husband made a comment about how we should pick up disposables for times like this. I looked at him like he was nuts. This is what a washer is for.... and thank goodness I had just finished up the diaper laundry the night before! I had a full stash of clean diapers!

I actually took a few pictures of the different poops he had today, and if anyone, for some reason, desperately wants to see a picture, send me an email. I'm certain they would only be curious if their child was going through something similar and they wanted a reference. I won't, however, post those pictures on the blog. Not that I have a problem with poop pictures, but I'm certain there are better ones to look at (like the chart that shows what newborn poop looks like for different scenarios) as those are more beneficial to people as a whole. My whole reasoning for taking these pictures was for the doctor to see if I get in tomorrow.

All that being said, thanks for listening to my day. I know it wasn't fun, and I know I won't have an exciting extended weekend to write about, but it just wasn't in the cards for us. Now I'm off to start the washer again, and then get some mint-chip gelato in a tiny ice cream cone... because I totally deserve some after today!

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  1. Your stash is beautiful! I love your organization! My stash is outgrowing the little cart thing that I currently have my son's diapers in. I need to get something bigger or maybe just some shelves on the wall because my son *loves* to pull his diapers out and throw them everywhere. My son's been waking up a lot more at night and I think teething is the culprit or it may just be because of the changes he's going through right now (walking, learning to talk, etc.) I do love being able to get bonus diapers when I have to order things like breast pads or CJ's. lol