Sunday, March 11, 2012

The wonder that is "Snappi"

Contemplate Cloth has a review and giveaway of the Snappi at
that ends on 3/13, so go check it out soon! The Snappi is pretty awesome as their detailed review will show (they have pictures), and as I can now attest to, having used it for the first time yesterday....

Yesterday morning my little guy woke up with a slightly red spot on his pee pee, so we wanted to let him air out a bit. My husband thought that just not putting a diaper on him and hoping he didn't potty would be a great idea. Honestly, I didn't think that would be so great. Okay, so we have mostly pocket diapers..... that won't work. We have some flats and covers..... don't really want to cover him though. Then I remembered I owned a Snappi. I own a Snappi. One. I originally purchased it so I could reach the free shipping ($49 and up = free shipping at for my diaper order. I never used it. In fact, I just thought it would be neat to have to show to people who think you have to use pins with cloth diapers still. I never really thought I'd use it..... at least not on our son (now 13 months). Maybe for the next one when they come along, but certainly not before then!

Well, of course, I was wrong. I searched the house and finally found it, new in the package. I opened it and stretched it out like recommended.... then realized I had no idea how to fold a cloth diaper other than the tri-fold (or pad-fold) to put in a cover. Let the learning commence! I wish I photographed (or even videoed!) my attempts at folding a diaper before I gave up and used the wonderful to find a video for the origami fold. It worked great, but then getting my son diapered was a different story. SOOOOOOO wiggly! I finally got him diapered, snappi secured, and stood him up. There was a gap at his legs. I tweaked the diaper a bit and rolled the edges a bit too, then re-snappied.

Voila! I did it! No cover was put on so he could air a bit, and I told him to go show his daddy. I was so proud that I did this that I guided my son towards my husband. He toddled up near his daddy and I picked him up to show to my husband.... and noticed that the diaper was already wet.

Needless to say, he wet FOUR flats in those couple hours. I think he wanted to make sure that I didn't forget how to do the fold! I did accidentally scratch my son's hip with my second Snappi attempt, but not enough for him to cry. His eyes did get wide and he whimpered a fraction of a second.... cue guilt. Mega guilt. I looked and it wasn't that bad, but I decided that I would put my finger under the diaper to hold it away from his skin a bit before reapplying the snappi. I was using my OsoCozy flats, so it wasn't exactly a thick material... but that's what we wanted for breathe-ability.

All in all, I was very thankful that I purchased the Snappi. I didn't think I'd use it, but it was a lot easier to use than I could have imagined.

By noon, my son had no redness and was back in a pocket diaper.

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