Saturday, March 31, 2012

A long process

I finally started the long process of actually reviewing all of the wipes we have used and comparing how they fare with alternate uses. This isn't anywhere near done, but I was surprised at how much I was able to get done today alone. I guess an important part of the process was my little one sharing a cold with me. Nothing helps you review wipes in lieu of disposable tissues like having plenty of snot to test them with! Thank you, child. Thank you.

I have more wipes that are not even prepped yet, and I am debating on whether or not I wish to wait until literally every single [type of] wipe (that I own) is prepped and reviewed, or if I want to do the majority of them and then edit the blog/repost when I make additions. I'm open to suggestions on this.

My husband also feels the need to give input for the wipe post in-the-making... probably because he has the honour of being a SAHD. I doubt he has actually realized the various ways I'm testing the wipes and the extent of what I've been comparing them, but I'll include any comments he makes on them. (Admittedly, I have a feeling he'll simply say something like, "I like this one best." and that's all.)

In the mean time, thank you for your patience with this review, and I hope you enjoy it when it's finally done!

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