Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thursday Tip: Baby's legs and baby carriers

Babywearing is a great way to keep your little ones close while you do things and go places, but what about when the weather isn't so warm? Those little legs can get exposed to cold weather when being worn!

Project Pomona pants are a great option, as you can unroll the cuff a bit to cover the exposed leg while carrying your baby.

Don't have PP pants and need a solution now? Baby legs under the pants (but over the socks) will keep your little one covered.

I also will put leg warmers on Bobble if he insists on wearing pants with holes in the knees during chilly weather. It helps keep his skin from being exposed to the elements, lets him wear the pants he simply must wear for some reason (toddlers, eh?), and you can even coordinate the leg warmer(s) to match an outfit. He had stars on the last pair he wore with holy jeans.

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  1. Baby Legs (leg warmers) have so many uses! I have a few on my registry, and it's fun when you can coordinate them with cloth diapers too. I like to wear my leg warmers in the winter time too, so it only makes sense they would also work great to keep little ones warm :)

  2. Good tips I always cringe when I realize that I have exposed little legs to the cold

  3. i like to use BLs over the socks too. keeps them toasty

  4. I keep hearing about Baby Legs and Project Pomona pants. Now that I've seen the review on the pants, I want some for my little guy now. I'll have to look up Baby Legs though.

  5. This is a great tip. My daughter's ankles are always peeking out of her pants when I'm wearing her, so I did start using baby legs under her pants in the winter. I need to remember about that exposed skin in the summer, too, and put sunscreen on it.

  6. i like to use BLs over the socks too. keeps them toasty.