Saturday, November 8, 2014


Like most moms out there, I sometimes find myself not spending enough time doing activities with my little ones. When it's warmer out, that's a lot easier. I could go outside and play with them, garden with them, take walks, etc. Even having them play near me while I garden or work in the yard is sometimes enough because we still get interaction.

When it gets colder, it isn't always so easy. Bobble loves doing puzzles and memory match card games. I love these games too, but Squiggle likes to destroy the game/puzzle or try to eat them. Some days I feel like we are limited to watching movies or shows together and that's it, but I don't want to just sit around all day and I sure don't want my kids doing that.

Lately, Bobble has taken to colouring. I mean really taken to colouring. He started with just scribbling, then progressed to a pretty neat rainbow colourscheme (below).

After a few weeks, he started colouring certain things inside the lines, leaving other parts of the picture rainbow (below).

Most recently, he's started colouring items all one colour... well, mostly (below). I admit, I miss that pretty neat rainbow of colours that didn't follow the lines at all.

Squiggle is also pretty intrigued by crayons so she likes to scribble away on paper. This morning, hubby got up and also started colouring a sportscar image while Squiggle coloured a dinosaur. Sadly, it was the last dinosaur. I was browsing online for some new colouring books when I realized they have some pretty awesome colouring books for adults or older children. I decided that I needed to purchase some of the more detailed books for hubby and myself.

Everyone was happily colouring together this morning and it was nice and quiet. Conversation, but no screaming or throwing things. It was very nice, and it wasn't the television. Granted, it was still sitting around, but it was using imagination and still interacting together. Much nicer. I think I might make it a weekly family thing, maybe set some time aside for us all to spend time together just colouring. It's a nice, calming activity, too. Win-win?

Here are a few of the books I was looking at (the pictures are links):



What do you do together as a family when it's not good outside weather?

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