Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Do you believe in the Fluff Fairy?

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Everyone loves surprises, but would you like FLUFF surprises? The Fluff Fairy can make that come true! Kelly's Closet now has Fluff Fairy packages where you can get a lovely fluffy surprise!

The Fluff Fairy packages have a cloth diaper (or a cover/insert combo) and accessories/samples with it.The accessories/samples vary monthly and could be lotions, detergent samples, or any other things pertaining to cloth diapering (or cloth diaper advocacy). The diaper that is sent each month is always going to be a complete system, so you won't have to buy anything extra to be able to utilize the diaper. There will be hints each month to let you know what sort of diaper it might be (AIO, pocket, etc).

Sound awesome yet? There's still more!

There is no subscription to the Fluff Fairy! If you want a package in July and one in December, then you pay for one in July and one in December! How simple is that?!

Each package price does vary depending on the contents of the package. For example, the July Fluff Fairy price is $26.99.

You will get to choose the colour preference for the package and the closure preference (if that is an option that month), so you'll still get the sort of fluff you love even though it's a surprise!

There can't possibly be MORE awesome stuff about this deal, right? Wrong! SHIPPING IS INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE! There will not be any extra shipping fees applied to your Fluff Fairy order. The Fluff Fairy packages cannot be combined with coupons or special promotions unless otherwise noted, and they cannot be cancelled or returned. You still get Diaper Dollar reward points with your Fluff Fairy packages, though!

Swing by Kelly's Closet and check out the Fluff Fairy package for yourself!

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