Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another reason to love reusable

I've written on reusable menstrual products before. I reviewed Lunapads, I've reviewed the DivaCup... but this time, the entry isn't about me.

I have a couple friends that were open to (and dare I say even "intrigued" by) the idea of reusable menstrual options. It just so happened, I had 2 brand new, never opened before DivaCups from just before I got pregnant with Squiggle. I decided to give each of them a cup. I figured that, if nothing else, they might at least end up being able to inform other women there are other options out there... even if it didn't work out for them. Heck, I had no idea these things existed before I started cloth diapering, so why should I assume anyone else knows about them?

Well, it's been a couple of months since I gave them to my friends. I never asked about them after that. If they like them, great! If they let me know they liked them, even better! What I got was very unexpected, though. I got a very interesting story. Very brief, and just the facts... but something I thought I would share with you all (since I got permission). There are no names that will be mentioned.

I have been busy with my newborn (and toddler!), so I missed the FaceBook messages that arrived from one of my friends... but the chat log left me the following:


Is now a good time for some menstruation talk?

No? goes anyway...

I just wanted to thank you.

Love the Diva Cup! is the important part....

Yesterday, my friend had to have emergency surgery. She went to her gyn to complain about some pain. She was sent straight to the OR. A small piece of her tampon had broken off and lodged itself in her uterus. Amazing.


Um, WOW. Seriously?! Wow was all I could say. When I got a chance to chat with this friend, she said she's going to mention the DivaCup to her as soon as she gets the opportunity, as she can't see her wanting to try tampons again after that.

Just another reason to love your cup (or cloth!), ladies!

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