Sunday, March 31, 2013


So many pregnant women become thankful for that burst of energy after that first trimester dragging.... I must say, I'd love to be one of those women. The first time around, I was that woman. So thankful I had energy and could do things.

This time around, not quite as lucky. Don't get me wrong, I would be thankful for that energy if I had it... but I simply don't. It's like a never-ending first trimester in terms of exhaustion. The morning sickness seems to finally have died down, last surfacing early in February (despite me being 20w pregnant). I have a feeling that means it could come back, but I remain hopeful that it is random and not a constant.

Everything about this pregnancy with Squiggle is so different from when I carried Bobble. Morning sickness, continual exhaustion... then again, I'm certain having a toddler this time around doesn't make the exhaustion part any easier! You know I'[m exhausted when I have literally 3 diapers stuffed and ready to use for Bobble, but 3 loads ready to be stuffed and one in the wash. (Yes, I have a lot of diapers). I enjoy diaper laundry... I just don't feel up to doing ANYTHING... except sleep. Oh, and maybe sleep some more. Did I mention sleep?

I guess I just wanted to post an entry to let you all know what was going on over here. I'm still truckin' along on some reviews, and I have an (Un)Babyshower for you all in May! Instead of me getting presents, I'll be giving reviews of products and YOU can win the presents!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day and enjoying their spring thus far!

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