Thursday, February 21, 2013

Steam Machine Free Blogger Opp!

Here's a great Free Blogger Opp for all of you bloggers out there who are looking to get more social media followers and exposure on their blogs!  This giveaway will be for a Steam Machine worth $99.99!!! In exchange for posting the giveaway on your blog and sharing it on Twitter, you will receive your choice of one free Twitter link.  

HOSTS: Mizz Review Lady and J's Reviews & Giveaways PRIZE: Steam Machine - Multi Purpose Steamer that can be used to do many tasks including removing wallpaper, sanitize and clean floors, and much much more! 
BLOGGER SIGN UPS: February 3 - February 25th
GIVEAWAY EVENT: February 28 - March 28th

You will receive one free Twitter link for participating.  A couple of days before the event goes live I will send you the review and giveaway code. You will then be required to alter it a little and post it to your blog. Also, please post it on Twitter, if possible. The post will need to be posted on February 28th and then submitted to the form(that will be sent to you in a future message).  If you would like you can purchase extra links for only $1 each. Your choices include Facebook, Google+1, Pinterest, and GFC.  Also, if you are interested in becoming a co-host you may pay $10.  Each co-host will receive a visit to their blog as an optional entry and as many links as you may wish from those listed above.  

Please send co-host and link payments via PayPal to 

Additionally, although it is not required I would love it for you to share this blogger giveaway opp anyway possible. The more people who sign up, the more people that enter, and the more expose we all get! 

To enter please visit this LINK and fill out the form, completely. 

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