Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Battle the nasties

Lately we've had an issue (a rash) that has caused the little guy quite a bit of discomfort. We've had to alternate between using anti-fungal creams and anti-bacterial creams to help clear it up (daily alternation). We've still been using our fluff, but using a liner every change. I bought a yard of anti-pill fleece at JoAnn's and cut it into rectangles. So far we haven't had any repelling, so I guess it's doing a good enough job of keeping everything off the actual diaper! I'm preparing for a big stripping day (that sounds dirty in a much different way!) soon. We have been placing all wipes and liners in a separate bag and washing them separately. I'm going to start adding drops of grapefruit seed oil to the cold wash cycle with both liners/wipes and diapers/inserts wash loads... hopefully we kick these nasties soon!

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