Thursday, May 12, 2016

Attack (part 4)

Sadly, our hen didn’t pull through. She wasn’t eating or drinking, and so we had to force a bit of liquids in. She wasn’t moving around, either. Exactly a week after the attack, we lost her.

The kids were getting ready for school when it happened, and both had come in the room to see her before they left. She died right in front of them. They weren’t too upset, but they did have some questions as to why she was in the position she was in, why she isn’t breathing, will she get back up, etc.

While the kids were gone, I cleaned up the set up and laid fresh paper. We decided we were going to get chicks! We need to replace our layer, but we also thought it would be nice to have some started chicks to offer to others if they have a similar situation. You can’t just buy a singular chick from a store, and even if you could, they need a companion. That makes it difficult to replace a hen when you only need one.

It will also be a great learning experience for all of us since we’ve never had chicks, so stay tuned to follow us on our chick adventures!

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