Friday, February 21, 2014

How to Stuff a TotsBots Easyfit Diaper

Lately I have noticed a lot of questions on how to stuff a TotsBots diaper. I've seen questions asking how to fold down the extra insert (which confused me as I never had 'extra'), and questions on how to fold it for different ages. I've always stuffed mine the same for all ages and had no issues, but I thought I might post a step-by-step in pictures for anyone that has been having trouble.

When stuffed, the insert folds to fit perfectly from the very front of the diaper to the very back of the diaper, and is then covered in the back by the little flap of material.

Diaper completely unstuffed:

Stuff insert all the way up to the front end of the diaper:

This is what it will look like from the other side:

Pull flap over the folded end of the insert:

Voila! Stuffed diaper, ready to use (or for a liner, whichever you prefer).

But wait.... what about when it's on the smallest setting? That's the brilliant thing about TotsBots, really... they still fit great!

After stuffing the insert all the way to the front with diaper snapped on the smallest setting:

Push down on the center of the diaper with the heel of your palm and spread your fingers over the insert as you pull the flap over. This will stretch the diaper a bit as you cover the insert, and allows it to fit still, nice and snug (and without extra folding!):

Voila! Stuffed TotsBots EasyFit on the smallest rise setting. Easy as pie.

If anyone needs more help with stuffing a TotsBots, please let me know and I will see if my hubby will take a short video of me stuffing one to help with any confusion.


  1. I love that mushroom print! I just sold mine b/c Tots Bots weren't working for us, but I do miss their prints.

  2. That print is adorable! We don't have any AIOs in our stash but would like to get one once baby arrives to see how it works for us.