Monday, October 7, 2013

Seabands Review (and giveaway!)

I was given the opportunity to review Seabands, though I had already had my baby and finished with my pregnancy nausea. Rather than wait and see if it helps if I happen to be sick (since I don't get motion sickness), I decided to gift them to a friend and let her review them. Below is her review:


    I just found out that I am expecting my 5th baby and the all-day nausea is absolutely awful! I’ve been sick with each of my pregnancies and this one is no different. Unfortunately, with my husband’s work schedule, I couldn’t make it in to see the Dr. right away to get my Zofran prescription. So, Christine was nice enough to let me review some Seabands and Seabands brand Ginger gum for her :)

At first, the Seabands did seem to take the edge off the nausea. I could definitely tell a difference in how I felt when I wasn’t wearing them. The nausea wasn’t as intense when I had them on. However, as the weeks went on and my nausea increased, they did stop being as effective for me. I would say, that if you only get mild nausea during pregnancy, that the Seabands would for sure be a good option for treatment. Especially if you are interested in staying away from any medications. I will say that it can be somewhat tricky to position the “bead” exactly in the right spot, and it can easily slip out of place while you’re doing housework or lugging around a 1 year old. Overall, I was glad to have the Seabands early on in my pregnancy.
I also tried out the Seabands brand Ginger gum. While I was not thrilled with the flavor (or lack thereof after about 2 minutes of chewing), I did find the gum to be super useful. There were several times where I really thought I was about to toss my cookies right in the middle of a Walmart aisle and this gum saved me from that! The strong and somewhat spicy ginger taste, when I first popped the piece of gum in my mouth, was enough to calm my stomach so that I didn’t embarrass myself in front of all the other shoppers. Of course, it didn’t last nearly long enough. The flavor wears off really fast and then left me with a bitter aftertaste that didn’t do anything for my nausea. The gum did serve it’s purpose though, and I was thankful to have it!
Thank you Christine (and Seabands), for letting me try out these great products! 


I did use Seabands during my pregnancy and they helped me a lot with my nausea, too. Seeing as how it had been months since I needed them, I opted to let someone who used them currently review them since all I really remembered was they were useful and easy to keep with you if you didn't need them all the time (fit easily in a pocket). I've never tried the ginger gum, but you can purchase it  (along with Seabands) online or in select stores (like CVS).

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Disclosure: The product mentioned above was sent by the company in exchange for a review. This did not influence the opinion of the product in any way. Your opinions may differ. 


  1. I learned they go on your wrist and are all natural.

  2. I like the because the bands do not use drugs, they do not cause any of the side effects associated with anti-nausea drugs