Tuesday, September 17, 2013

It never stops!

The events never seem to stop in this household! I have 2 reviews written and waiting for me to just add the pictures (already taken, but on a different computer), a handful of other things to review (well, they are reviewed, just not written up), and you'd think with still job-hunting, I'd have more time to do it. Of course, this isn't the case.

Aside from Squiggle (who really needs a blog name now that she's here) being super clingy through her growth spurts, Bobble got another upper respiratory infection that required another nebulizer for breathing treatments at home. His oxygen was down to 91, and they debated between hospitalization and take-home treatments with the nebulizer. Two days later, he's back in with a double ear infection and pink eye in both eyes. Needless to say, it's not been dull around here!

Bobble getting his oxygen tested

Bobble getting a breathing treatment and falling straight asleep because he didn't really sleep the night before since he couldn't breathe very well.

I'm not a fan of medicine... in fact, I'm pretty anti. With pink eye, I'd prefer to use breastmilk to treat it (really, it works wonders!). With an ear infection, I'd prefer to use breastmilk, again, to treat.... except the one ear was pretty bad (and this was his first ear infection ever). The double pink eye on top of the double ear infection on top of a respiratory infection that nearly put him in the hospital, and he's on antibiotics. I'm looking into some more natural ways to help him stay healthy, and many have suggested Elderberry syrup. I bought some today at the health food store, but I have a question for you, my readers.

Do you use elderberry syrup? Do you use it daily, or only when sick? Do you make your own, or do you buy?


  1. I think elderberry extract works wonders to lessen the severity of illness. I buy mine at the health food store!

  2. I haven't tried elderberry syrup. I've heard lots about it recently, but am not sure if its just a lot of hype or if it really does work well. I'd definitely try to go for a 'natural' remedy first!

  3. I have never heard of elderberry. Nor have I heard of using breast milk for an ear infection or pink eye. How does that work exactly?

    1. You just squirt the milk in the ear/eye. It works wonders for pink eye. You go from looking like a zombie to just someone with a slightly irritated eye in 24-36 hours. It's amazing!