Sunday, August 25, 2013

Lunapads Part II - w/Femme Rock!

I reviewed LunaPads back in May while I still was pregnant with Squiggle. Now that I've had Squiggle, I've had the opportunity to try them out a bit more as they were intended.

Postpartum with Bobble, I bled for 5 weeks. I had normal (cycle-like) bleeding for a few weeks before it tapered off. Unfortunately for this review (but fortunately, for me!) my bleeding tapered off to very light bleeding/spotting 2 days after Squiggle was born. Blood is blood, however, so I was able to review these the rest of the way... I just can't tell you how long they would hold up with heavier bleeding.

This review will also be without pictures of the LunaPads, as I feel I posted plenty in the previous review (seen here), and I figured that even though they are clean, nobody wants to see pictures of used cloth pads... even if they don't have any blood stains.

Yeah, you read that right. ZERO blood stains. I was fascinated by this. I truly expected them to look... well... used. Even after being washed. That wasn't the case. I wasn't certain how to store them, and so I sort of tried a few different ways. The first week I tried just putting them in a wet bag and washing them with towels when it was time. The next week I was rinsing them with our diaper sprayer before adding them to the wet bag. Personally, I saw no difference... though if I was experiencing a heavier flow, I would have sprayed them automatically.

I used Rockin' Green's FEMME ROCK as my detergent. I followed the simple washing instructions and was pleasantly surprised as to how clean they came. No blood stains. However, there were interesting "bleach" stains. The only thing was, no bleach is in Femme Rock, and I didn't use any bleach. I contacted about this to see if they had any insight.

Slight backstory: When I first was using these (during pregnancy) I washed them and noticed he same thing... but I thought maybe it was the discharge that is so common during pregnancy when you're losing your plug... so I thought maybe I just didn't get them clean enough, but they still looked that way when I rewashed. They looked, felt and smelled clean.

Back to the current story!

My response from was as follows:

This one is a bit of a strange, but not uncommon phenomenon. Basically, depending on the Ph of your menstrual fluid, some people can experience a sort of bleaching effect when their period comes into contact with the natural fabrics used in Lunapads. It's nothing to worry about and wont effect the performance of the pads in any way, it's just a bit surprising for people experiencing it for the first time.

So, I definitely felt a bit better after that email. Everything was coming clean. I am still a "cup" girl... but I have to say I am definitely pleased with the LunaPads.... especially knowing they didn't look horribly blood stained. That was probably my biggest concern with using them, and it never ended up being an issue.

Femme Rock did an amazing job getting the LunaPads clean, too. I love that I have a detergent to use that will last many cycles and is phosphate, scent, and SLS free. It is enzyme-based and formulated to focus on proteins, so your mama cloth will get as clean as it can!

You can purchase LunaPads and all your other reusable mama needs at, and you can get Rockin' Green Femme Rock on their website and from various natural parenting and cloth diapering stores online.

Disclosure: The product(s) mentioned above was sent to me by the company(ies) in exchange for a review. This did not influence my opinion of the product in any way. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

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