Monday, April 29, 2013

Earth's Best Foods: Jars vs. Pouches

Lately, baby purees in pouches have become quite the thing. You see pouches of all sorts everywhere. Earth's Best, however, offers their delicious, organic foods in both glass jars and pouches. Both have their ups and downs, and many people have their reasons for liking one over the other. Personally, I prefer squeeze pouches because Bobble is at the point where I can just hand him one (opened) and he drinks them.

We did Baby-led weaning with Bobble, so we never really had a need for purees unless we were traveling, so we pretty much only wanted the squeeze pouches. I have found, especially over the last winter, that the jarred fruits that Earth's Best have are fantastic for adding to greek yogurt for a healthy snack for my munchkin. Especially when fresh fruits are way too pricy to purchase like in December in colder states!

I did have a mind blank the first time I attempted to mix the yogurt with fruit (I believe I mixed it with the Earth's Best Apples & Blueberries) and I mixed the entire jar with an entire greek yogurt individual sized container. There's a reason that they have fruit "on the bottom" and not half and half. Just saying. Not my proudest moment!

A benefit to using the glass jars over the squeeze pouches is they can be reused for multiple things. Crafts and storage, especially! If you have a crafty person in your house (maybe they have lots of beads?), they can definitely put these empty jars to use!

Earth's Best has great options for your child for whatever your preference is for feeding, and whatever stage they are at. They have over 90 jar varieties and 35 pouches! Check out their First Foods, Second Foods, or Third Foods for jar options, or click here to check out their puree pouches in any of the above mentioned stages. Don't forget to check out their toddler food and kid food, too! (By the way, the toddler/kid food is totally delicious and not limited to just them eating it! I eat the oatmeal all the time!)

What sort of food do you prefer to feed your little one? Do you like jars or pouches better? Maybe you utilize both depending on the occasion? I'd like to hear about it!

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  1. Since I made my own baby food, we never really did jars. But now that he's a toddler having the pouches to just throw in the diaper bag when we're headed out is great.

  2. We're doing baby-led weaning right now with our 10 month old son. I'm looking forward to letting him use these pouches when he's about a year or so.