Saturday, July 23, 2011

Covers and Flats/Prefolds

So I have ventured out of the safety of my "pockets" and gotten some new types of fluff. I have 1 econobum (with 3 pre-folds), 1 Flip w/stay dry insert, 1 bummis, 1 thirsties duo, and a dozen osocozy flats. None of these are prepped, however, as I'm awaiting some fluffy mail and didn't want to do multiple preps. (yes, I realize that I have 2 preps here since the econobum prefolds have to be washed separately). I have a blueberry cover and a rumparooz cover somewhere in fluffy mail land, so I figured I'd just wait and do it all at once.

Unfortunately, I'm a bit hesitant to use the flats and prefolds. Not that they haven't worked brilliantly for others, as they most certainly have... but it's just new. I am used to my pockets (and I love them!), but I know that when the next little one comes along someday, the OS pockets I have might not cut it for the first couple of weeks. Better to learn a new type of diaper now than when you're sleep deprived due to a new bundle of joy, eh?

With any luck, everything will be ace and I won't have any issues with the covers. If I'm really lucky, my hubby will like using them too! He is great with the pocket diapers (I stuff them in advance), but he's not too good about remembering that the aplix diapers have laundry tabs, and they should be stuck to those upon removal from our little one. I end up finding it stuck to the inside of a different diaper most times. The biggest challenge with using cloth (with my husband, not the baby!) has been him getting in the habit of setting the dirty diapers on top of the diaper pail. Yes, he stacks them on top most times. It could be completely empty and he'll just stack away. Oy.

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