Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Misspoken Words

We've all heard those "out of the mouth of babes" sort of things. We've probably all got our own story of things our kids have said, too.

When first learning to speak, Bobble frequently said both "truck" and "frog" like a certain 4-letter word that starts with F.

Squiggle likes to call her purse her "person", and bananas are "bee-nuhs". Since we teach the correct anatomical words for body parts, she also says "china" instead of vagina.

I've discovered that, as he gets older, Bobble enjoys making up words. He likes to make up names to call people, too. His favourite, lately, is "cocoa banana". I have been called a cocoa banana more times than I can count.

Bobble also enjoys calling us by our first names because he thinks it's funny, despite us correcting him. Sometimes he says, "Thank you cocoa banana Christine." at dinner, and Squiggle parrots, "thank you cocoa beenuh Christmas."

Sometimes he just straight up changes sounds in words... but today we had a less-than-appropriate one.

In a fit of silliness, he changed hot chocolate to "hot cahck-lick". 


Oh good grief.

I am just thankful we were at home when that was said and not out in public. 

What embarrassing things have your children said?

Saturday, January 16, 2016


I need to apologize to everyone for my disappearance. Too many things happening prevented me from having the time, energy, or motivation to write. I'll give a brief catch-up entry, and there will be actual entries to come in the near future. I promise!

Bobble has had numerous relapses with his kidney issue since I last wrote. He's been on and off steroids many times, and that makes for a difficult time for all.We all have those days where our child is just acting absolutely horrible, right? (Please tell me I'm not the only one!) Imagine your kid at their most whiny, most defiant, most obstinate .... and then multiply that by about 10. That is how he gets every time he starts to relapse. Every. Single. Time.

Of course, after the relapse is identified, it all makes sense. Then we start the high dose of steroids that make his moods touchy, too. Sometimes he's just super whiny, other times very happy and hyper. All the time, however, he's hungry. Crossing my fingers he doesn't gain too much weight this go-round with steroids.

Squiggle is growing up, too. She's out of diapers (save night time), she has stopped nursing, and she has started attending a (pre) preschool 3 days out of the week. She used to beg to go, throwing a tantrum because her brother got to go and she didn't. Now that she gets to go, she gets upset that she can't go every day, only three days a week. I'll write an entry on this soon.

We lost our oldest cat over the summer, we gained 6 feathered babies (chickens), and our household has experienced changes in the dynamic as well.

I know that last year was a light year for how many entries I wrote. A lot of this has coincided with me returning to school. The first few classes didn't really take away from my blogging time, but as I moved through them, I had less and less time to devote to non-scholastic reading and writing. I am still in school, and it's not getting any easier or less demanding. In fact, I actually just took on as head of an organization through my school, so I have that to manage and I also have an internship taking up my time. Still, I am determined to at least write one post a week. Please bare with me if they are shorter posts. It's going to take some scheduling to get this to work, but I'll make it work.